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Water Baptism… ‎ Rite, Tradition or Spiritual ‎Act?‎

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Baptism or immersion in water, which we practice, ‎was not always the same way we know it today. It was ‎established and promoted by John the Baptist and known ‎as the baptism of John.‎ ‎ It was also known as a baptism of ‎repentance,‎ ‎ later established as baptism in Jesus, which is ‎as we know it today.‎

Baptism was not a strange element for those who ‎received it from John the Baptist. The reason why the ‎people did not hesitate to undergo its practice, apparently ‎new, it was because its basic principle is contained in the ‎Law of Moses.‎

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  • What is Water Baptism?‎
  • How did John’s Baptism move to Jesus?‎
  • Does Water Baptism Have a Baptismal Formula?‎
  • Does Water Baptism have any Spiritual Virtue?

Spiritual Warfare against the Powers of Sin


Paperback: 92 pages

ISBN-10: 1723187976 / ISBN-13: 978-1723187971 ePub

Sin is not only a deviation or inclination towards evil, proper to human nature, but it is also a spiritual argument provoked by Satan to have the right of operation and intervention among the human race. God did not design, nor did he create sin to cohabitate with the man. For two reasons we affirm it and corroborate it with the same Scriptures.

Spiritual warfare is not a new subject, nor is it a human invention. It does not arise from academic theological thought, nor from exegetical doctrines. Satan, the prince of this century, is in constant war activity, and his purpose is to take captive the souls of the generations born under the promise of restoration.

Though most evident in the New Testament, the entire Bible bears witness to the reality of spiritual warfare. The evidence are found in all the books. In the book of Genesis, in the first Words of God addressed to Eve, after the judgment of disobedience has been made concrete, they give direct testimony that the generation of God’s children will be in constant spiritual warfare.

Building our Integrity According to the Bible

Paperback: 115 pages

ISBN-10: 1726820513 / ISBN-13: 978-1726820516 ePub

building our integrityNobody is born being integrous, integrity is cultivated, and it is reached with effort; of course, in the measure of the willingness to expose ourselves before God. Integrity is the openness that the human spirit acquires of allowing the inheritance of sin to be exposed to the light; No one who is unwilling to expose himself before God can be integrous.

Integrity has nothing to do with morality, although of course, there will be those who strive to define it in terms of it. Integrity is a human virtue of a spiritual nature, and therefore, to cultivate it, it is necessary to eradicate all the secular models and morality patterns on which it was intended to be built first.

Integrity is ordered from the personal decision to act according to divine dispositions; it can only be integrous who is willing to honor God through his executions. The basic reason why we cannot be integrous is because very few have decided to have God in their knowledge.

To think that we can become integrous without Him is to move away from the possibility of being it, appeal to morality as an alternative resource just wraps us in a spell; So, those who want to expose themselves to the possibility of being integrous in God, welcome, and forward in the effort.

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