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Water Baptism… ‎ Rite, Tradition or Spiritual ‎Act?‎

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Baptism or immersion in water, which we practice, ‎was not always the same way we know it today. It was ‎established and promoted by John the Baptist and known ‎as the baptism of John.‎ ‎ It was also known as baptism of ‎repentance,‎ ‎ later established as baptism in Jesus, which is ‎as we know it today.‎

Baptism was not a strange element for those who ‎received it from John the Baptist. The reason why the ‎people did not hesitate to undergo its practice, apparently ‎new, it was because its basic principle is contained in the ‎Law of Moses.‎

Table de contend

  • What is Water Baptism?‎
  • How did John’s Baptism move to Jesus?‎
  • Does Water Baptism Have a Baptismal Formula?‎
  • Does Water Baptism have any Spiritual Virtue?

Spiritual Warfare against the Powers of Sin


ISBN-10: 1723187976 / ISBN-13: 978-1723187971 ePub

Sin is not only a deviation or inclination towards evil, proper to human nature, it is a spiritual argument provoked by Satan to have the right of operation and intervention among the human race.

God did not design, nor did he create sin to cohabitate with man. For two reasons we affirm it and corroborate it with the same Scriptures,

Table of Content

Introduction: The Sin and its Spiritual Fundament

Topic 1: Denounces Evil. Spiritual Warfare Resources

Denounce Unbelief

Denounce Idolatry

Denouncing Sorcery, Witchcraft and Santeria

Denounce the Evil of those who do not Acknowledge God in their Knowledge

Topic 2: On the Legal Right of Demons and their Way of Operating


The Text of ISAIAH 49: 24-25

The Text of GENESIS 3: 14-19

What is Happening with Countries that Suffer Violence and Manifest Patterns of Evil?

How to Cancel the Legal Right

Topic 3: Sins by Accidentally, by Naiveté or by Omission, and its Spiritual Consequence

Topic 4: Are we all Tempted in the Same Way, and in equal Magnitude?

The Temptation does not Consist only in Sin

Levels of Revelation Activate Temptation

The Temptation is Caused by Legal Rights Granted by Breaking the Righteousness of the Kingdom‎

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