John Chau and the Missionary and Apostolic Revolution

The Kingdom of Heaven is urging men and women of faith, to trust His Word, to understand the spiritual significance of what it means to be a bearer of Good News, a competent minister of a New Covenant, and an ambassador of Christ. Terms all used by the apostle not to adorn the writing but to reveal by the Holy Spirit the authority possessed by the one who has given his life to the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You shall know the Truth …

Truth does not consist of knowledge. Truth is not a cumulus of knowledge, it does not depend on how much we know, even how much of the Bible we know.  We can only know one point of the Scriptures, if we live by that one point of the Scriptures, that one point becomes Truth and by it others are affected, some for life, and others for condemnation.