Published Books

Water Baptism… ‎ Rite, Tradition or Spiritual ‎Act?‎ ISBN/EAN: 1973834146 / 978-1973834144 ePub Baptism or immersion in water, which we practice, ‎was not always the same way we know it today. It was ‎established and promoted by John the Baptist and known ‎as the baptism of John.‎ ‎ It was also known as a baptism … Continue reading Published Books

The Weapons of our Warfare

Meaning and Purpose of the Concept The weapons of our warfare (οπλα της στρατειας) was a term the apostle Paul coined to refer to a particular authority we have in the name of Jesus, to subdue and disable the darkness authorities established in the regions we inhabit. The apostle does not use the expression in … Continue reading The Weapons of our Warfare